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is a glimpse at Earth’s future through the lens of current human concepts such as ages, work, structures, communications, connectivity, health, education, media, travel, place, family, commerce, race, religion and consciousness.

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Holoportation: Virutual 3D Teleportation in Real Time

One of the next ways we will communicate with each other. For years I have said that the next step after video conferencing would be hologram conferencing. That the next leap of the hand held computing device would the ability to project live holograms from elsewhere. Here is the early science from the Microsoft Laboratory. […]


Dig a Hole, Create a Refrigerator

Solutions to big problems – in this case energy use- can often have simple solutions. In this case a design company called Weltevree has designed a usable refrigerator that can be placed in the ground. We love it when design solves problems. Check this out. Now that the kids are grown, replace the swing set […]

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Monkey Drives Wheel Chair with Brain Waves

We are big fans of the emerging technology of brain wave computer interface. I have been talking about this for ten years. There are new experiments all the time. In this one a Monkey thinks about moving toward a bowl of food and though the navigation isn’t a straight line, he thinks his way to […]


Light Sailing in Space

Space exploration will happen but it will need entirely new technologies, ways of thinking and designs. The 20th century fuel and cost intensive machines and technologies must be looked at as the historical foundation of what must be done in this century. The LightSail project is one of these new potentially transforming new ideas. Sailing […]

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How Pigeons are Keeping Track of London’s Air Pollution

A simple and elegant way to monitor a city’s air pollution levels. Strap pollution measuring devices on to pigeons that can then automatically live Tweet pollution levels. This is something every city with pigeons should do. It will quickly create a new cliché: “Trust pigeons, not politicians!”


Smart Tires

Everything is becoming smart. This concept design from Goodyear is a spectacular vision of what the future of smart tires might be. Smart tires? Well 20 years ago we never thought of phones as smart. Five years ago we couldn’t buy smart appliances. We now have smart cars but with “dumb” tires. Hopefully not in […]


Brain Wave Computer Interface

Since 2008 I have been forecasting that the next human/computer interface after touch and voice would be brainwave/computer. This is now becoming a reality. Of course it starts with gaming and a lot of connected electrodes. This will continue to get refined and simplified technologically. Then it will become consumer available. Then, at sometime in […]


Atlas, not Arnold

We are at the tipping point with robots. This level of adaptive performance was not even possible a year ago. Robots will increasingly free humans from repetitive work and increasingly will feel like companions. Amazing stuff!  


Drive Green for Life

This is an ad from Ford and the Sierra Club. The point is that it doesn’t take a grade school education to understand what we will all be doing within the next few years. The beginning of the end of the fossil fuel era has begun. So simple!


Enhanced Training Through Neurostimulation

The melding of neuroscience and technology continues to be one of the greatest present and future developments today and into the future. This video is a simple, straightforward example of what lies ahead. Just reflect on both how widespread and significant this will become as we learn ever more in this area. Stuff of science […]


Making Robots Biodegradable – Just like Humans

Robotics is a field approaching a tipping point, when they can be integrated into society and the workplace.  We think of robots as being all metal, plastic and full of electronics.  Now, researchers are working on making robots biodegradable – just like humans.