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is a glimpse at Earth’s future through the lens of current human concepts such as ages, work, structures, communications, connectivity, health, education, media, travel, place, family, commerce, race, religion and consciousness.

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The logical next step from touch screens is touch environments. This is the first step, via the smart phone, to move in that direction. What this new interface can immediately allow is to have a table or wall become a white board that is captured on the phone. A number of other functionalities will certainly […]


Introducing the Artiphon Instrument

This is totally cool! As one of probably 10-20 million baby boomers who at some point in childhood played a recorder, I so wish I had this instead. Think about making sure that every school, or every home, had one of these. The world would be different in some great or magical way.


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The Transformation of Manufacturing

We have offered up a lot of 3-D printing videos here. That is just part of the 21st century revolution in manufacturing. In this video with Danielle Applestone of Other Machine we see have the need to scale to manufacture something has been inverted. This futurist has been saying for a decade that the definition […]


Face2Face: Real-time Face Capture and Reenactment

This is not a Future Wow! But a Present Wow! We are not sure where to put this: don’t believe what you see on TV, have fun at the expense of people you don’t like or simply the video version of photoshop. The only good idea we can think of is that it will let […]


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MIT researchers plan the “death of the traffic light”

As you know by now we at Future Wow! Are big fans of autonomous automobiles. The key thing to remember about autonomous automobiles is that it isn’t just that the driver goes away. Everything about auto transport changes. A look at this short video shows how driverless cars can decrease both travel time and carbon […]


Nixie: The First Wearable Camera That Can Fly

I want one of these! You will too! This is in early stage development, but this takes the selfie culture to the next level. The possibilities of this device are endless once you start thinking about applications.


A Cloaking Device for Planet Earth

Okay, this one is for sci-fi lovers and those that love Star Wars and Star Trek. Under the assumption that Earth wants to “protect” itself from being detected by a technologically superior life form somewhere in the Universe, we now seem to have the capability to do so. To me this is of modest long […]


Holoportation: Virutual 3D Teleportation in Real Time

One of the next ways we will communicate with each other. For years I have said that the next step after video conferencing would be hologram conferencing. That the next leap of the hand held computing device would the ability to project live holograms from elsewhere. Here is the early science from the Microsoft Laboratory. […]


Dig a Hole, Create a Refrigerator

Solutions to big problems – in this case energy use- can often have simple solutions. In this case a design company called Weltevree has designed a usable refrigerator that can be placed in the ground. We love it when design solves problems. Check this out. Now that the kids are grown, replace the swing set […]


Monkey Drives Wheel Chair with Brain Waves

We are big fans of the emerging technology of brain wave computer interface. I have been talking about this for ten years. There are new experiments all the time. In this one a Monkey thinks about moving toward a bowl of food and though the navigation isn’t a straight line, he thinks his way to […]


Light Sailing in Space

Space exploration will happen but it will need entirely new technologies, ways of thinking and designs. The 20th century fuel and cost intensive machines and technologies must be looked at as the historical foundation of what must be done in this century. The LightSail project is one of these new potentially transforming new ideas. Sailing […]