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is a glimpse at Earth’s future through the lens of current human concepts such as ages, work, structures, communications, connectivity, health, education, media, travel, place, family, commerce, race, religion and consciousness.

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No More Chemicals or Chlorine Eye

When looking into the Future Wow! Future it sometimes means looking back. Anyone remember the swimming hole? This video shows how to cheaply create a swimming pool that is fully integrated with nature. We have no choice but to better integrate humanity with the earth in the decades ahead.

tags: POOL, swimming

Population Growth

Though this is an older video, we publish it because for years I have spoken of this slowing growth and am always asked questions about it. This is a wonderful long-term trend. Earth will be much more crowded but population should level off by 2045 and then even perhaps decrease.


Vertical Farms

It is wonderful to see that young architects around the world are focusing on vertical urban farms. In the next 25 years there will be 2.6 billion more people living in cities than live in them today. Where will their food come from? Why not local and vertical?

tags: farm, farming, farms

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The World Becomes a Touch Screen

Early stage development of a technology that will make almost anything a touch screen. In five years we will look back to 2014 and think how quaint it was that only hand held devices had touch screens. As we now look back 10 years and think how quaint it was to only be able to watch video on TV.

tags: touchscreen

Skype Translator

Yes a video from Microsoft, but it introduces a concept I have spoken about for years, the reality that our communication devices and software will eliminate the need to learn a foreign language. The combination of voice recognition combined with translation software will soon allow us to have conversations with millions of people whose language we don’t know.Hats off to Microsoft for bringing this to Skype. When can we have it to use?

tags: skype, translate

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Smart Bike

Future Wow! Subscribers and visitors seem to really like videos about news kinds of bikes. Well, here is the Smart Bike which solves many problems of riding in urban environments. As I have been saying for 8 years, everything will become smart. This is a bike worth buying. Well done!

tags: bike, biking

Revolutionary Dual Carbon Battery

Over the past 100 years, the battery has lagged behind most technologies that are powered by them. Completely new types of batteries are needed for the transformation of energy use in this century. This battery breakthrough from Japan looks to be safer, cheaper and more powerful than lithium-ion batteries. It can extend driving range of electric cars, and can be made with carbon, the most plentiful element on the planet.

tags: CARBON

An Early Stage Nano Motor

A powerful motor 500 times smaller than a grain of salt. The promise of such motors to revolutionize treatment of cancer and disease in the body is transformation. One of the medical miracles I have been speaking about for years.

tags: nano


Great news!  The solar parking lot and roadway invention we featured on 5-13 passed its $1,000,000 funding goal.  People helping people to change the world, one solar powered parking lot at a time.  Glad we might have been of help.  Way to go all that contributed.  


Foldable Smart Phone

Where smart phone technology is going. Blackberry to iPhone to unlimited and ever more powerful touch screen app phones to this? We still call these powerful hand held devices “phones” Old language dies hard.


Sensory Interactive Poster

Play a poster? Well now there is an app for that. What might this do for print media? Or Art?

tags: art, painting, poster