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Futurist David Houle Executive Editor
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is a glimpse at Earth’s future through the lens of current human concepts such as ages, work, structures, communications, connectivity, health, education, media, travel, place, family, commerce, race, religion and consciousness.

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Solar Power from Parking Lots and Streets

Solar power from roads and parking lots. Smart and interactive roads can power the world. This couple is creating the future in their garage. Way to go!

tags: ROAD, solar

3-D Printer builds 10 houses in one day.

This video highlights two trends we at Future Wow! Think will play important roles in humanity’s future: 3-D printing and low cost, rapidly built structures. What do you think?

tags: 3dprinting, home

Micro Home

There is a new and rapidly growing movement to develop low cost, moveable, sustainable micro housing that can be on or off grid. In our world of extreme weather, sea level rise and growing income inequality this is one part of the solution. It also has the by product of reducing the “stuff” in our lives.


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Pale Blue Dot

We at Future Wow! Are fans of Carl Sagan and of creativity. This video combines the two in a sweet, beautiful and compelling way, showing us how precious our planet is. Wonderful images to accompany Sagan’s poetic words. We are also fans of Marshall McLuhan who famously said “There are no passengers on Spaceship Earth, we are all crew”.

tags: carl, sagan, space

How Robots are Making us Happier

This professor from Georgia Tech has the same view of robots and robotics that I do. Robotics will, for the first time in human history allow a large part of humanity to be freed from physical, repetitive work. This will free us up to be more creative and move to greater human potential. Robots will be one of the most significant developments in the Shift Age.

tags: robots

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Successful planting in the Dubai desert

Dubai. As drought expands around the world, as population continues to grow to 9 billion by 2040, small and big steps must be taken to provide plants and food in previously unusable land. This is one of those small steps.

tags: desert, dubai, garden

Curious Displays

A truly smart TV in your grand child’s living room, mid-century.

tags: television, tv

Tesla Motors

In the spirit of William Gibson’s famous quote “The future is here it is just not evenly distributed” we bring you this video on the use of robots to build the luxury Tesla sedan. [It is by the way the coolest luxury sedan I have ever been in] 80% of all the work is done by robots. Make sure you watch to the part with the seat and window robots. Amazing!

tags: robots

Artificial Leaf Generates Electricity

This futurist has been speaking about 21st century energy breakthroughs that soon start to change the global energy landscape. This from Daniel Nocera is just one of many new energy breakthroughs that will soon leave the lab and go to scale in the next decade

tags: nature

Voyager Leaves the Solar System

A satellite that just keeps on giving. Human messages now hurtling into interstellar space. 11 billion miles away. Listen to Carl Sagan’s son and others speak about the “golden record” Space, the last frontier! Please watch to see the beautiful images at the end of the video.

tags: space, spaceship

Mind Controlled Robotic Arm

The marriage of robotics and brain waves. Using thoughts from the brain to control a robotic arm. This is a dynamic and rapidly developing field. It is one of the medical miracles I have been writing and speaking about for several years. Giving a quadriplegic the use of a hand at home and soon attached to her wheelchair. Wonderful!

tags: robot

DARPA’s Pet-Proto Robot Navigates Obstacles

Robots will transform much of life for humanity in the next few decades. We will therefore feature them regularly here at Future Wow! This one, from the company Google just bought. Unfortunately it might make you think of early stage development of “The Terminator”

tags: robots