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Futurist David Houle Executive Editor
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is a glimpse at Earth’s future through the lens of current human concepts such as ages, work, structures, communications, connectivity, health, education, media, travel, place, family, commerce, race, religion and consciousness.

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Solar Charging While Parking

This kicks off a week of innovative design ideas. Some important for our future, some less so. This combines two technologies in ascendency, solar power and electric vehicles.

tags: solar

Space Oddity

Chris Hadfield creates David Bowie’s best music video

tags: music

Google’s Smart Contact Lens

You have heard of Google Glass. Here is a contact lens that can monitor diabetes. Again the early stages of the trend – transhumanism– to use technology to enhance humans and human life.

tags: google

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Early stage Star Trek tricorder is now here!

As was shown in the earlier Star Trek video there is now the first generation of tricorder.


Star Trek type technology will tell you what you are about to eat – or not.

This is no excuses calorie counting. This also could be a life saver for people with food allergies.

tags: food

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Star Trek Technology

Star Trek really did foretell much of the technology we use today. The fertile imagination of Gene Roddenberry and his writing team gave us many ideas for technologies that we now use or will in the near future.

tags: space

Silk Skin Armor

Bullet proof skin! A glimpse into the future of genetic engineering using spiders and goats. Part of the soon to explode Transhumanism trend. The 21st century is going to be amazing!


Ototo’s Synthesizer

Make anything a musical instrument.

tags: music

Exponential Technology

This single video presents six of the most dynamic and influential technological innovations that are transforming humanity today. A must view if you want to better understand why, as I have said for years, that the speed of change has accelerated so fast it is now environmental.


Hyper-loop Transportation

Hyper-loop transportation. This is another form of future transportation most Future Wow! Subscribers have probably heard of. This presentation is a bit deeper than the 30 second sound bite you have seen.


Google Self-Driving Car

By now, most Future Wow! Subscribers should know about Google’s Self-Driving Car. It points to the future of the automotive industry. By 2030 more than a third of the cars in the US will be self-driving. Most automotive companies are developing a self-driving car. This video is particularly poignant as it shows a blind man in the driver’s seat, showing a human value to this car of the future.


Futuristic Highway

Here is a look into how highways will change in the next decade. This is a common sense ready for implementation vision that can retrofit our highways starting now.