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is a glimpse at Earth’s future through the lens of current human concepts such as ages, work, structures, communications, connectivity, health, education, media, travel, place, family, commerce, race, religion and consciousness.

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The 29th Day

To understand that the speed of change has accelerated to the point that it is environmental, it is important to understand the concept of geometric growth. This video does a good job. If you feel overwhelmed by the speed of change, this video will help explain why.


Data Explosion

Any “information Explosion” is just a precursor to what is about to happen with ever more smart connectivity and the Internet of Things.

Computer Animation courtesy of Max Pressman.


Global Cell Phone Growth

We now live in a world of cell phone ubiquity. There is no time, distance, or place any longer limiting human communication.

Computer Animation courtesy of Max Pressman.

tags: Global, Growth

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We agree with Larry Page

As a futurist who went to Burning Man for the first time in 2012, it is clear to me that Burning Man is one of the most important events for humanity each year.  As I wrote here and here it is the renaissance on earth the last week of August every year.   Burning Man has […]

tags: Burning, google, Man

Experience Zero Gravity

Go Ahead – Jump into the Future!
Not your parents kind of vacation!

tags: vacation

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SIGGRAPH 2013 : Technical Papers Preview Trailer

Virtual Reality is becoming ever more real. This will profoundly affect many aspects of society and culture. Take a look at some of the software NOW available. Welcome to coming virtual reality!

tags: reality, virtual

UTEC: The Water Generator Billboard

A Billboard for the 21st century!

tags: water

The Future of the Arts in Shift Age

The Future of the Arts in Shift Age. In my book “Entering the Shift Age” I wrote “The art will move out beyond their traditional housings” Here is a prime example of incredible art being created in the street as a painter uses time lapse photography to bring his painting to life.

tags: art, painting

Internet and Media Merge

What follows here is an example of how the distinctions between media are ending.

tags: Internet, Media

Symphony of Science – Future Wow! Music videos

The Quantum World! by Symphony of Science


The Future of Creativity is Here!

I am the Futurist in Residence and guest lecturer at the Ringling College of Art + Design. The reason is simple: creativity is the most important quality for humanity and America in the Shift Age. Innovation is nothing other than the introduction of creativity into the marketplace. If we therefore value innovation we must honor and support creativity.
In the Wow! section of this site you can see some highlights of the 2013 Computer Animation graduates of Ringling. Wow!


“Future’s So Bright, Gotta Wear Shades”

Numerous times after speeches around the world, I have had people come up to me to thank me for giving them a positive, optimistic view of the future. Some have even referenced this phrase and song title. So here is a short video and then the music videos of the song. The Future is Bright!

tags: future