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Futurist David Houle Executive Editor
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is a glimpse at Earth’s future through the lens of current human concepts such as ages, work, structures, communications, connectivity, health, education, media, travel, place, family, commerce, race, religion and consciousness.

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A Seemingly Perfect Connectivity and Education Technology!

This is a global game changing idea. Satellite delivered education. The Outernet. Wow!


Another Gadget to Help us Sleep Better

Our lives are increasingly disrupted by technology which can affect our ability to sleep well. So why not use technology to help us sleep better? This is a new gadget that looks to provide help. Another good idea looking for crowdfunding.

tags: sleep

Finally an environmental reason for plastic!

In order to confront Climate Change humanity will need to vacuum and absorb CO2 out of the atmosphere at a faster rate than we are emitting it. This is one of many developing ideas to do so.

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A Basic Introduction to Machine Learning

Two women finding a fun way to discuss the basics of machine learning.  One of the fundamental building blocks of artificial intelligence.


Robot Sorting Station

A prime example of one of the positive aspects of robotics; taking over very unpleasant, boring, repetitive jobs from humans.  And increasing the efficiency of the work done.  People speak of robots as destroying jobs.  Well, in this case, nobody really want the job of sorting trash and in the 21st century human potential needs to move to […]


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Build a Bridge with Drones

Using programmed drones to build a rope bridge. A very cool concept. Not sure how this might be practically used. When going back packing, will it be convenient to bring along a couple of drones? All such things have potential when either scaled up or further developed.


Aqua Top Display

I am not sure about the significance of this technology other than it looks like an incredible amount of unusual fun. It makes one think about the amazingly different ways we will fill our leisure time.

tags: aqua, display, gaming, top

3-D Custom Body Parts

3-D printing solves the problem of every body being different. Implants will increasingly be custom designed for individuals. This will make the current sizing of small, medium and large for such things as hip replacement seem barbaric.  


Manual Robot Training

Teaching a robot to move by taking it through a motion sequence manually.  Think about the ramifications in a couple of years when you want to have your home robot do custom tasks for you.


Honey, Do you Have your Backpack?

The global honey population has been severely stressed in the last few years. With this honeybee back pack, Big Data steps in to help better analyze behavior in ways never done before.  

tags: backpack, bee, bees, honey

First 3-D Printed Supercar

Yes we are fans of 3-D printing.  It is the tip of the iceberg of custom, low-cost, no waste production which is in the process of transforming manufacturing.  Here is an example of building a car, the typical industrial age product.  


An Underwater Drone for Everyone

A very cool idea for underwater exploration. Armchair scuba diving or underwater scanning for metal and money will probably be the first use, but what the heck. The question on this device is how deep it might go.