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is a glimpse at Earth’s future through the lens of current human concepts such as ages, work, structures, communications, connectivity, health, education, media, travel, place, family, commerce, race, religion and consciousness.

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Not Just Another Fitness Watch

There are and will be dozens of watches to measure heart rate, steps taken and sleep patterns. This watch is designed to provide advanced warning of epileptic seizures. A potential life saving watch for the tens of millions of people in the world with epilepsy.


Neuroscientists Seek to Externally Map Mental Illness

We have truly entered the golden age of neuroscience. This team at Stanford are focusing on what various forms of mental illness look like – as many of them are due to some part of the brain malfunctioning – and then treat them externally. The vision of neuroscientists mapping and then curing forms of mental […]

tags: brain, scan


Okay, we here at Future Wow! are fans of Carl Sagan, whose voice narrates this video. This is a short film about space exploration and the human need to explore. Given that it is very likely that in this century we will both visit another planet and perhaps find intelligent life somewhere we thought this […]

tags: carl, film, sagan, short

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Is the Flying Car finally here?

The new AeroMobil 3.0 is the closest thing I have seen to that long ago vision of the future with flying cars.  


Ambulance Drone

A wonderful use of drone technology. Saves the life of a man having a heart attack. An ambulance is restricted by ground transport and traffic.  


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Cutting Edge of Urban Personal Transport

As we move to ever more human scale urban environments and need to lessen dependence on the internal combustion engine there is great innovation in the personal transport area.  Not yet the Hoverboard but getting there!  


3-D Printing a Lunar Base

From the European Space Agency, the folks that just put a landing module on a comet, here is a view of how to use 3-D printing to build a lunar base. Using actual surface matter from the Moon will dramatically lower costs of transport. Something for the 2020s.  

tags: 3d, 3dprinting, moon, space

Bionic Hand Provides Feeling to Amputee

This points to new advancements in the interface between bionics and nerves. There has been development in brain directed movements of a bionic hand. This research project moves the science into actually feeling through the hand.  


Brain to Brain Interface

For years, dating back to the launch of my futurist blog in 2006, I have envisioned a new consciousness and way for humans to communicate brain to brain.  Here is early research towards that possibility.  Wait for the 2020s!!  


3-D Printing and Robotics

We have featured entrepreneurs and visionaries in these two subjects.  Here is GE, one of the great companies, showing their vision of how these two transformative technologies will transform and redefine manufacturing for the 21st century.  

tags: ge, robots

Buoyant Airborne Turbine – An Idea Whose Time Has Come

If this can be proven to be as portable, efficient and low cost as is implied in this video, these and subsequent iterations will become ubiquitous  

tags: ENERGY

Cup of Tea?

A new take on the old immersion heater. Good stats on unnecessary energy use, something humans are really good at doing.