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Futurist David Houle Executive Editor
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is a glimpse at Earth’s future through the lens of current human concepts such as ages, work, structures, communications, connectivity, health, education, media, travel, place, family, commerce, race, religion and consciousness.

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Colonizing Mars

This has always been a theme in science fiction.  Now there seems to be a real possibility that by the end of this century we might well have done so.  Perhaps a good thing to do AFTER we stabilize and reverse the degradation of Earth we seem to be so good at doing.  

tags: mars

The Science Behind Computer Voice Recognition: Past, Present and Future

From Siri to Neural Networks. Our interface with computers will be ever more touch and voice.  


The Director of “Dark Knight” works with Physicist to create a new visual of Black Holes for “Interstellar”

A hollywood collaboration that actually advances science. Great visuals!  

tags: film, space

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Super Thin Film Touch Displays

Okay, this is a bit techy, but nevertheless very cool. We will shortly be able to make what we wear and our personal surroundings touch screens. By 2020 we will say to one another: “Remember when our only touch screens were on phones and tablets?”  


Virtual Reality Museums

Virtual reality will, without question, be one of the most transformative technologies in the next 20 years. This basic example points to being able to tour all major museums virtually. In addition to simply replicating in 3-D, the tour will provide full information on each and every work of art.  


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Smart Transportation Ahead for the Tube in London

With ever more people living in urban areas, it will be imperative to have ever smarter, more efficient and more comfortable transportation. In the decades ahead we might forget the phrase “Mind the Gap!”  


Big Data will lower traffic accidents

This is a good example of how Big Data will reshape our environment. In this case a computer sensing technology from Volvo. We will be living in an environment of Big Data.  


Jet Pack for Runners

Early stage development on a jet pack to enable people to run faster. What DARPA and a university, in this case ASU, can do when working with an inventor with an idea.  


Energy Producing Car Roofs

Our devices, cars and infrastructure  are all becoming smart today.  Tomorrow they will all be energy producing.  A solar self charging car in any color you want.  


A Robotic Cheetah

The new field of biomimetics is to study and replicate unique animal movements with robotics. Here one of the leaders of the field explains.  This is worth watching if only for the slow motion video of a cheetah running. Pure beauty!  


Smart Technology to Heat your Feet and Measure How Far you Walk or Run

Got a smart phone? Heat your feet and measure how far you walk or run in a day.  


What Rush Hour Might Look Like with Driverless Cars

Driverless cars will be operated by computers and GPS technology that will always be aware of all surrounding objects, unlike humans talking or texting on smartphones. It looks chaotic but definitely won’t be. Enjoy the throwback music.