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Futurist David Houle Executive Editor
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is a glimpse at Earth’s future through the lens of current human concepts such as ages, work, structures, communications, connectivity, health, education, media, travel, place, family, commerce, race, religion and consciousness.

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Smart, Programmable Contact Lenses

If you can get past the mediocre acting, the premise of this very short sci fi film is a good one that is only a few years away. We will never have to ask “What’s your sign?” again!  

tags: scifi

Technology for the Serious Runner

If you want to lessen your injuries from running. If you want to figure out which is the best running shoe for you. If you want to use technology to help you run better and in a more healthy way, this invention is for you!  


Smart Irrigation for a Water Stressed World

Ah, a wonderful American Inventor story. Bringing smart technology to how you water your garden or your lawn. Adam and Eve, love it!  


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Affordable Motion Capture

Get yourself into your own video game or perfect your golf swing. Create a virtual reality for yourself, inexpensively.  


A Futuristic Airplane

Ever enjoy riding in the dome car of a train? Well, this future look into airplane flight using augmented reality, smart communications technology and solar panels takes that experience to an ultimate level. Sign me up!  


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Occulus Rift/Netflix Hack

I have been speaking about the huge transformation that augmented reality will be for humanity in the next ten years. Occulus Rift is the first technology for the personal experience of submersive augmented reality. Here it is hacked together with a Netflix interface. Just a glimpse of your viewing future.  


Medical Miracles are Here!

Both in my book on the future of health care and in speeches since 2010, I have said that 2010-2020 would be the most transformative decade in the history of health care and medicine. There are and will be “medical miracles’ rushing towards u. This is one of them. Surgery without cutting the body in […]


The Perfect Bike

We like bike videos here at Future Wow! Because you do! Some of our most popular videos have been bike videos. Well, this is the perfect bike. Pure and simple. A perfect combination of technology and street wise common sense!  

tags: bicycle, bike, bikes

Spray Paint Solar Panels

For several years I have forecast that there would be solar “panels” that could be painted onto roofs – and any other surface that absorbs sunlight. This reality is now being born in laboratories of which this is one.. We are years away from efficient, affordable scale, but by 2020 the solar panels we use […]


Robotic Finger Sensors

Another tech breakthrough to bring ever more human qualities to robots. These robotic “fingers” grab an egg and a lightbulb.


World’s Largest Domed City Announced for Dubai

An amazingly large Domed City. In a hot and polluted world, this may be a vision of the city of the future.


Amazing MIT Technology

The wow factor is high. Current practical usage is low. As this technology develops it could be quite transformative. Think competitive sports or fitness arenas, dynamically changing living environments or spaces. Amazing!